I think many people at this time are coming to the point of loving themselves in another way.  It may have been that, at one point, it was easier to love ourselves when it was obvious that we were doing the right thing, saying the right thing, being creative and considering others.  So, what would unrequited love be in relation to the whole of what we are and who we are?  It would be to learn to care for the parts of ourselves that are most difficult to care for and to feel how those parts of ourselves respond.  If there are aspects of ourselves that are suffering from un-love, then how would those bits know how to respond to the more caring aspects within us?_x000D_
Perhaps some of these walls or barriers could be overcome with the coral pomander, so that those aspects that have been lying in our shadow may merge into the light, to learn how to love and care in a new way.

Weight 150 g